WriteAtHome Descriptive Writing for Middle School

Has your child shown an interest in writing? If they have, you might want to continue reading to learn more about WriteAtHome and their courses for middle school and high school learners. We have had the privilege of trying out their descriptive writing course.

WriteAtHome Descriptive Writing for Middle School

Descriptive Writing for Middle School

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This was our first time taking a course with an outside writing coach or instructor. I admit I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but I thought why not try something new. I am so glad that we did. With just one assignment, I could see a difference in Austin’s, 11 years old, writing skills.

What the Course Entitles

The basics of the course she is taking are:

  • 8 weeks long
  • 1 quiz per week
  • 1 writing lesson per week

It started with week one learning to take criticism. This is where I was slightly concerned about this course but excited too. Austin can be sensitive to criticism, something we have been working, and I saw this as another way to work on that and learn for future independent learning.

Now each week she is working on correcting, editing, and adding to her pieces from each week based on the feedback from her writing coach.

What We’re Learning From WriteAtHome

One thing we have learned in the past is that when there is creativity, my kids thrive. This descriptive writing course is not telling her what to write, but instead giving them a small idea or a direction to take, and letting them go with the idea. For example, one assignment was noun description. Describing a person, a place, and a thing, all of the students choice.

Over the past 5 weeks she has been working on two different topics: Crime Scene and Guess Which Zoo Animal? Week one and week two she wrote the first drafts of these topics, and each week has been about revising them following the feedback and tasks of the week. It is all about learning to write in the most descriptive way.

This course has taught her so much in the short amount of time that she has been taking it, and it has boosted her confidence. She has always enjoyed writing on her own, but now she wants other people to read what she is writing, and she looks forward to reading what her coach has written in the feedback.

WriteAtHome is helping with time management.

Learning Time Management

In the WriteAtHome dashboard, Austin is able to see when assignments are due, and what she needs to be working, assignments are due each Thursday. I have let her work at her own pace on the quiz and her assignments, if she finishes in one day, great, if she takes the full week to work on it, great.

For me, this is her way to learn about time management. Yes she has woken up on Thursday morning and realized that she hasn’t worked on her assignment all week, and has gotten right to work on it. This has been a bit of an adjustment for her as we don’t usually have due dates, or assignments that she works on her own like this.

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