Homeschooling in Pajamas, OK or Not OK?

Homeschooling gives you freedom to teach your children in the way that they learn best. To some that may be curled up in bed read, sprawled over the arm of the sofa doing math. What about how you are dressed? I have taught Spider-Man and I have taught Ninja Turtles, and kids in their pajamas. But it isn’t something that we do very often.

Homeschooling in Pajamas

Homeschooling in Pajamas, OK or Not OK?

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We don’t homeschool pajamas – I’m not saying you cannot.

I don’t blog in pajamas – I’m not saying you cannot.

I don’t clean my house in pajamas – I’m not saying you cannot.

I never went to work in my pajamas either – I’m not saying you cannot – though maybe check with whether you are allowed first.

Why we get dressed:

We get dressed everyday (almost everyday, read on for more on that) because that’s what would be happening if they went to school. Because we do leave the house almost every day and to do that we get dressed. I am preparing my children for the real world life and they’ll have to get dressed for that too.

It is easier to be sloppy when you can wearing sloppy clothing (pajamas). I always feel better and more productive when I am out of pajamas or my workout clothing. Getting dressed for the day helps you mentally prepare for the day.

We don’t have a dress code for what dressed looks like, it’s just not pajamas. It can be comfy clothes, a pair of jeans and a top, or maybe it’s a fancy party dress. We can be fancy and do school too.

Pajama Day

We do have pajama days. Those are the winter days when it is crappy out, and I don’t plan on leaving the house, and I plan to skip lessons for the day. Pajama day often means we’re going to be watching movies – documentaries – The Magic School Bus – or may be playing board games – lay day activities that may or may not be educational because sometimes you just need those days too. We had one yesterday in fact after a busy weekend.

I asked on my Facebook page if pajamas were OK in readers’ homeschool and you can find their responses here.

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