10 Places to Homeschool Away from Home

There are a lot of places to homeschool every day, or even just once in a while for a change of pace. That is part of the freedom of homeschooling your children, the freedom to learn where you are, where ever life and interest take you.

Places to Homeschool Away from Home

10 Places to Homeschool Away from Home

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Again, just because we’re homeschoolers, doesn’t mean we have to stay at home. We have too much getting out of the house and having fun doing that. Plus, how many fun educational places are there? Too many to sit in one place learning that’s for sure.


While I may not have a whole of interest in museums, my kids sure do, and since they are learning while we’re there, it’s a great place to homeschool.

Science Centre

Whether it’s called a science center or a discovery center, they are fun. Hands-on learning that sticks with your kids. Ours offers demonstrations each hour that teach the kids about something and has them helping with it too.


You have been to the library and seen all the books right? Those alone are the perfect reason to head to the library. I saw shared more than 100 reasons to have a library card a while ago. The library gives you a great, quiet place to work on whatever you’re learning that day.

Places to Learn Away from Home - reading at the library

Park / Playground

Grab your books and head to the playground, let your kids do a little work and then run off some energy. Fresh air can help you and your kids retain more information, and just have some fun.

Grocery Store

The grocery store is the perfect place to practice math. The store is full of price tags to add together, and the labels all need reading. The grocery store doesn’t have to be a horrible head each week, make it fun and educational.

In the Car

There is a whole type of homeschooling, roadschooling, that is about homeschooling in the vehicle. Electronics such as tablets can help limit the amount of “stuff” you have to take when traveling. All your books and even curriculum can be done on them.

While on Vacation

If you are traveling on vacation, such as when we drove through a number of provinces to get to Nova Scotia last summer, I made sure to take along information, fun facts, and books about the provinces. We talked about them, read books, and looked at the sites as we drove.

Lake or Ocean

My kids learned so much while on vacation in NS at the beach, more than from a book. Actually seeing the tides moving, was something they had a hard time understanding, even after experiencing it.

They got to see crabs up close and personal, as they were crawling through the water or half-dead/half-alive in the sand. Plus they got to see the inside of a crab shell after seagulls were finished with them.


Map skills, reading science, physical education, biology, social interaction, geography (most zoos and aquariums are divided by local animals and those on other continents, etc.), and more. I currently have a beluga whale-loving kid who is thinking about becoming a vet, who has learned a lot about animals from aquarium trips.

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