What Your Kids Can Send to A Pen Pal

Now that you have a pen pal for your child, what are they going to write to them time after time? Kids really can talk, they have no filters (or at least mine don’t). Writing to a friend isn’t as hard for them as it might be for you and me.

What Your Kids Can Send to A Pen Pal

What Your Kids Can Send to A Pen Pal

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My kids love getting mail and sending off a piece of mail to their friends. It’s a great way to work on writing skills for school without it being school.

What to Write

They can write about anything new that may have been done whether that be in school, or for your family. For example, going on a field trip or a family vacation.

Maybe they read a great book that they want to share how great it was and why they loved it.

As a homeschooling family you’re child can share what they are currently learning about, and with the flexibility in homeschooling.

Other Things to Send

With a letter, you can send some other things, small things to keep the cost down if you prefer. If you and your pen pal live in different provinces or countries you could send a little something from your province or country. This would be fun and interesting for geography lessons.

  • stickers
  • a postcard
  • a map of your city, province or country – or maybe of each at different times
  • photos

Getting Started Box

Maybe send some fun little things in your first letter or package. Some fun markers/pens/pencils, papers. Maybe some stickers and whatever other stationery that you really like.

Maybe even send some fun envelopes and stamps to get things started. We’re planning on doing this with a cousin that lives quite a ways away, this month.

What kind of things would your child like to send? Or maybe if they have a pen pal already, what do they send?

Thanks for reading!

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