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Children’s Book Day

I love books, and I have worked hard to raise book lovers. April 2nd is Children’s Book Day. You know that I’ll be here reading and reading right? In fact, just a week or so ago, I had to buy another bookcase for our children’s books.

I recently added a drop down to our homeschool tab in the menu specifically for book posts. Every post that I have written (and remembered to add) is there. And I will be adding to it as time goes on of course.

Children's Book Day

Children’s Book Day

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Do you have books in your house that are always being read? We sure do, each of us having our own favorites of course.

Austin’s Favorites

The Book With No Pictures – She heard this one in Kindergarten for the first time and couldn’t stop talking about it. I got it for her for Christmas I think and she is still in love with it. As an adult, it is fun to read and to watch their reactions.

She is also a huge Monster High fan… though there aren’t that many children’s books. She does have a few that she really likes. She is growing up fast and moving into chapter books now.

Brookland’s Favorites

Brookland loves to read Barbie and Frozen books. Needless to say we have a lot of leveled readers in those topics.

Gauge’s Favorites

Gauge is in love with his Gauge’s Farm Friends he loves that his picture is in each page layout. It’s perfect as one of his favorite books, but also as a forever keepsake too.

He also loves his Paw Patrol Phonics set books. They are all over the house – we are still learning about picking up books and putting them away.

Momma’s Favorite Books

I have so many favorite children’s books. Berenstain Bear books being in my top picks always. I love the lessons that are in each book, the characters, and just evertything.

One of the books that I can’t read enough is Oh, The Places You’ll Go! I love everything about it, the words – silly and in true Seuss form, the message – you can do anything.


What are your favorite children’t books? Are they the same books that you loved as a child?

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