Creative Writing Prompts for Young Writers

Sometimes I like to give my girls writing prompts, just to have them thinking a little differently. Nothing hard, but perfect for young writers. We don’t really have an imagination problem with my kids, my girls are all over creative writing and drawing.

Creative Writing Prompts for Young Writers

Creative Writing Prompts for Young Writers

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My girls are consistently creating stories and pictures to go with them, and I love it. I loved writing stories as a child, well into my teens in fact.

Creative Writing Prompts to Get Started:

Ideas to get you started:

  • images – write a story or paragraph about a photo
  • themes – season related, topic related
  • about their day
  • favorite animal
  • favorite extra curricular activities
  • what they want to be with they grow up – this is fun to do year after year.
  • what do you like or dislike about school most?
  • describe/explain how to make pizza

There are a lot of great ideas out there to integrate your child into writing. One I always liked as a child was to look out my window and describe what I saw… or create a story about something I saw out there.

Creative Writing Prompts Ideas to get you started. - writing prompts for creative writing

Tips for Creative Writing

There is a lot of fun way to engage your kids with writing.

Writing Prompt Jar. This is a way to add a fun spin to creative writing each day or week, however, it works in your homeschool. Write out a bunch of ideas, or writing prompts, on paper, cut that paper into strips, fold them up and stick them into a jar. Use some fun colored paper, I love AstroBrights, if you want to add a little extra color or what have you to it.

Create a writing calendar. Instead of writing them on paper for a prompt writing jar, instead, have them written on a calendar. This is a great way to include holidays and birthdays and such.

Have a designated writing binder or notebook for all the writing.

Give them different ways to write. To describe a brick, be descriptive. Describe your bedroom without saying that it is a bedroom. Have fun with this. We do creative writing once to twice a week. I don’t worry too much about spelling or punctuation but about the process of freewriting.

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