Holiday Baking Tips and Tricks

The holidays are just about here, or in the case of Canada, here and enjoyed, and coming again. If you do any holiday baking, with or without your kids, be prepared, that’s the best piece of advice for anything in reality isn’t it? Be prepared.

I miss doing a lot of baking for the holidays, with just the five of us, I can’t make a lot, because then I have a lot to eat, I have no willpower against sweets! I have enjoyed every pound I have gained.

Holiday Baking Tips and Tricks

Holiday Baking Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

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Best Products

If you do any baking at all for the holidays, you’ve most likely done the pie and turkey shuffle. Or maybe you’re trying to get all your cookies baked on a deadline, either way this 3 tiered oven rack is going to make your day! I want one, I have it on my wish list, and currently in my shopping cart to make sure it gets ordered!

I don’t know what I did before we bought our Kitchen Aid mixer. The attachments alone are amazing and a time saver, no more mixing this by hand, or digging out a whisk. Have you seen the attachments you can get for them too? The cheese grater? LOVE IT!

Holiday cookie cutters to make your sugar cookies extra special, and fun for your kids when they are cutting out the cookies.

On the topic of cookies, stack-able cooling racks are amazing. We have been using ours for years, they are great in smaller kitchens that have limited counter space, plus we love using them when we bake chicken breast for more even cooking and you don’t have to flip the breasts.

Best Tips

I love using silicone mats when baking cookies now, they don’t stick and if they do stick a bit, simply lift the mat and peel it away. Plus those that have the circles on them for cookie placement are great for those of us that tend to crowd the cookie sheet. And gives your kids a specific spot to put their cookies.

Simple Chocolate Cookies

Make sure you have everything the recipe calls for before you start. If there is another baker in your house, double  check, because I can’t count the number of times my husband or I end up with half the ingredients in the mixing bowl to realize the other used the last of something we need.

Make sure you have the right tools for the job. If you want something to turn out right or perfect, you gotta have the right tools for the job. There is no point in make a cake without a cake pan.

Best Tricks

Use parchment paper to line cake pans to make them easier to remove.

Instead of spending money on piping bags use a baggie and a pair of scissors. Cut a small hole in one corner.

Use cookie cutters to make perfect shapes on cakes: simply place the cookie cutter on, sprinkle in some sprinkles.

Remember to have fun, and don’t feel guilty about a little taste testing as you do you holiday baking.