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Living With A Cat Allergy

We were so excited a few weeks ago when we adopted our kittens. Everyone was excited, Hubby and I, all three kids. Very happy to have welcomed new pets into our home. And then it happened. We learned there was a cat allergy in our house.

Let’s rewind a little here, on the day we got the kittens Brookland had blood work to determine whether or not she had a dairy allergy. To help with the needle portion of the event I told her a secret, just for her: we were going to get kittens that afternoon.

living with a cat allergy

Two week’s later, nope not a dairy allergy. Just a cat allergy. After a LOT of reading we have a plan set in motion.

Cat dander is the cause of the allergy therefore eliminating the dander is key. But without getting rid of the cats themselves we can’t completely eliminate it but reduce it.

I do want to point out that our doctor advised us to not rush in getting rid of our three cats. We’ve had cats since before Austin was born. Since this is our first time living with carpet in our living areas though so the biggest change:

Living with A Cat Allergy

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The most important thing to do is remove carpets and rugs. Cats love to roll around on carpet and they are impossible to clean completely, no matter the carpet cleaner.

Rugs that can go in your washer/dryer at high temperatures you can keep, but we’re getting rid of them all, less places for dander to sit and cause problems.

Cat Free Space

Our girls share a room, and now the cats are to be kept out. High temperatures of your dryer will eliminate the allergy causing dander after 10 minutes, so everything has gone through my dryer – stuffed animals, pillows, curtains, etc.

I vacuumed their mattresses then sprayed them with an allergen and odor destroyer.

Fabric Furniture

Getting rid of fabric furniture is up to you. You could try to keep your pets off your furniture (beds especially), but in our experience cats are determined. We’ve thought about new furniture but with young kids its a long way down the list. But for now, we’re spraying our couch and chair with the allergen destroyer spray.

Cleaning Your  Cats

If you choose to bathe your cats make sure that you are using a shampoo that reduces allergens. However there are alternatives to bathing your cats, alternatives that we are using.

Wipes – We’re using these, our old cat loves them, follows me wanting more. The kittens have their moments with them. These are super easy to use.

Waterless Shampoo – Like a traditional shampoo but without the cat dreaded water.

Clean House

In all honesty, it’s going to come down to how clean you can keep your home in the end. I’m dusting every other day, vacuuming the moment everyone is awake (while we still have carpet – till the end of this month), spraying the furniture down weekly, throwing our throw pillows in the dryer weekly, etc.

We’re also looking at air purifiers, one for the girls room, one for our main level. We’re just doing some more research looking for the best one for her allergy needs.

And perhaps the person that is allergic to cats should not be the one cleaning the litter box. Just a thought.

living with a cat allergy

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