Welcoming a Pet into Your Home

If you have been on my Facebook or Instagram pages you may have seen that we adopted two kittens. Welcoming a pet in your home can be exciting and scary, fun and annoying.

After the death of our cat a few months ago we had no intention of getting more cats. Then RHS did a promotion in which their adult cats we free and their kittens were only $50 (includes spay/neuter). We started thinking about it and went back and forth, a lot.

welcoming a pet into your home

We have a handsome 11 year old cat, Shady, and an almost 9 year old dog (who thinks he’s a cat), Luca. We decided on adopting two females, to let our cat keep his king of the household feeling.

This is Whiskey. Our one year old cat, she’s young enough and curious enough that we think of her as a kitten.


This is Kalhua. Our 11 week old kitten. She’s so shy only Hubby and I can pick her up, though she is coming around.


Introducing them to the other pets in our home, we let our pets decide the pace. Our older cat has been keeping his distance and our dog sniff them and walk away like they are old news.

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Teaching our kids to move a little slower has been challenging. But they are getting better.

Welcoming a Pet into Your Home

Be Patient.

It takes time for new pets to feel safe, for them to feel comfortable in their new home. Don’t rush them to be playful, happy pets right away.

Give them space.

Give your new pet space from you. Let them explore on their own. (Amazon has amazing prices on cat houses and condos.)

If you have a pet already, make sure all the pets involved have their own space before introductions are made. Separate rooms works great switching blankets so they can smell the new pet without being face to face.

Give them their things.

Toys and bedding that is theirs. Younger pets especially like to play. They will play with most anything, but make sure that it is safe for them.

Stay Positive

Positive reinforcement is best, just like with children. Kitty/puppy treats to encourage good behavior. A little catnip on the scratching post to encourage them to go there, a little lemon juice where you don’t want them to scratch.

How many pets do you have? What kind?