“Toys are not going to take over my house.” is just one of the lies that I told myself before kids. Now, I am fighting to keep the toy organization under control. Trying to keep from drowning in the toys, or even just tripping over them at night on the way to the bathroom.

Toy Organization

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Toy Organization

Maybe you have the toys under control already and if you do, awesome! But maybe you also suffer from toy clutter, if so keep reading! We can get through the toy clutter together.

Toy Boxes

I love toy boxes, simply throw the toys in and walk away without a mess. There are so many different types now, from the big one pictured below that screams toy box to cleaner less obvious styled ones.

Toy Organization

Cube Storage

These cube storage pieces come in a lot of different sizes. You can get them in different colors. You can also get foldable fabric baskets to put things in, hide more of the toys, and keep things looking neat and tidy.

Toy Organization

They work for books and toys. As well as, smaller toys using the baskets. We’ve also been using one of these organizers for our homeschool curriculum.

Storage Ottoman

If the toys are in a common area a storage ottoman is perfect for storage, similar to a toy box simply throw the toys in, but you have a nice piece of furniture in your home instead of a toy box.

Toy Organizer

Toy organizers are great! We had one when my girls where young and I loved it. Kids are able to get their toys out and put them away easily. The different sizes are perfect smaller and bigger toys in one spot. Plus the plastic tubs can be removed and replaced easily.

Toy Rental

Renting/borrow toys instead of owning all the toys that your children want. When you rent toys from places like Pley you have them for a month, then send them back. No long term storage needed. They have two different price options available.