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Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

I’ll admit, I was not ready for this at all. I don’t think Gauge was ready to switch to a toddler bed either but we ran into a problem with his crib. No, he wasn’t climbing out, though I am still really surprised that he hadn’t. Instead he would hold onto the front railing and jump. A few times we watched him do this and were scared he was going to go over the railing.

We tried turning his crib around so that the high back was in the front. It worked, we weren’t worried about him bouncing out of his crib. But we also couldn’t get him in or out of his crib easily. Nor give him a soother in the middle of the night without great difficulty.

transitioning to a toddler bed

Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

I admit I forgot what it was like to transition to a toddler bed. For the girls:

  • at first Austin didn’t realize she could get out, and her biggest struggle was naptime
  • Brookland would fall asleep on the floor and we’d put her in her bed, at night and naptime

Gauge’s first night in his toddler bed:

  • back and forth into bed a few times
  • sat up, explored his bed in the dark a bit
  • back and forth into bed a couple more times

And then it dawned on me how I transitioned Austin at naptime: I sat beside the bed. He fell asleep right away.

After a few nights sitting beside his bed, I started moving towards the door: sitting in the middle of the room, sitting beside the door, then outside the door.

I’m starting to remember all this again. Just in time to forget it forever.

I still don’t know to get him to nap in his bed. We are currently doing the “he goes until he drops” method or the “he doesn’t nap anymore” method. Actually, he just doesn’t nap anymore. But he sleeps at night.

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