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Decorating a Pumpkin with Crayons

We haven’t done a lot of pumpkin cravings with our kids over the years for a number of different reasons which I’ll share below, but there are still lots of ways to decorate a pumpkin without craving it. One way is to decorate a pumpkin with crayons.

Crayon Wax Melted Pumpkin

Decorating a Pumpkin with Crayons

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While we didn’t crave them, we did decorated them.

My first piece of advice is: cover everything around you! It splatters. I honestly wish that I had used white bistol board instead of old cardboard because I think this is pretty.

Crayon Wax Melted Pumpkin

Peel some crayons, lay them out on the top of your pumpkin. Use a tacty glue to keep them in place to make it easier. They will move otherwise.

Crayon Wax Melted Pumpkin

Using your hair dryer, melt the crayons. It does take a little while.

Crayon Wax Melted Pumpkin

Arms may get tired holding the hair dryer. Hair dryers that don’t get used (ever) and are really old, may want to give out.

Crayon Wax Melted Pumpkin

But it is really nice.

Crayon Wax Melted Pumpkin

Austin was totally all in on her pumpkin. She loved watching the crayons melt and the wax spread and run over the pumpkin.

Brookland was not all over pumpkin, she enjoyed picking out the colors but that’s it.

I, as the one doing all the work, wished I could have been able to do them with a break in between.

More Ways to Decorate A Pumpkin

For the last few years, we haven’t craved pumpkin for Halloween with our kids.

In 2013 we were moving and then we couldn’t find one. There were no pumpkins in our town, to be fair there are like, no decent stores here, but they were sold out of pumpkins on us.

In 2014, we were moving, but I had bought pumpkins nice and early to make sure that we got some. But with moving, we didn’t get to crave them. And then sadly, boys in the area got bored, and smashed them.

In 2015, we are moving. Yes, we like moving at Halloween time for some reason, you know, not a lot going on I guess? Nothing like making sure not to lose the Halloween costumes a couple days before Halloween.

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