Apple Blossoms and Stars

We love our Dadda but he’s not often the teach or show simple things kind of dad. He’s the big hands on “wanna learn to shot a BB gun?” kind of dad most of the time.

This is an excited girl, waiting patiently. (She is trying to find her “true” smile here I guess you would call it.)

Apple Stars and Blossoms
This is not something little ones should be doing it without help from adults of course, the cutting the apple in the middle that is.

Apple Stars and Blossoms
I love this picture! So amazed.

Apple Stars and Blossoms
The first apple gave us a blossom instead of what we were looking for. Still beautiful and fun for the girls though.

Apple Stars and Blossoms
The girls walked off eating that apple which lead to Gauge needing his own apple. He loves apples. In cutting his apple in half to be just like his sisters, we got

Apple Stars and Blossoms
A perfect star.

Great for a snack.

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