Polymer Clay Play Coins for Kids

May daughters have been using their Frozen charm bracelets as “coins” when playing as they lost the few that came with their cash register. In their defense they got the cash register at least three moves ago.

While we’re trying to not spend money on extras right now I really wanted to get them some coins to play with, and other than giving them actually money I didn’t know how to go about doing it. So I hit up Pinterest, because, that’s how all great, and not so great, ideas start, right?

Most of what I saw was paper, which I didn’t want for coin… and I already had an idea for cash.

Polymer Clay Play Coins

I saw this great idea using discs, but I wasn’t going to drive 30 minutes to buy some… that’s more spending than I’d like. But it had me thinking, using that same general idea… painting my own.

We tried salted clay that I baked, that didn’t give me what I wanted so I scrapped those. Then I tried polymer clay. First time I’ve made it, and with the exception of it being too hot to stand over the stove when I made it, it was simple. You can get a good arm workout out of it too.


Polymer Clay Play Coins

Mix together the cornstarch and glue, in a small pot, NOT on heat. Once that’s mixed in, add the lemon juice and baby oil.

Polymer Clay Play Coins

Now over low heat, mix. Mix it continuously. Work those arms!

Polymer Clay Play Coins

You’ll know its done when it looks like playdough, or mashed potatoes, which ever reference works better for you.

Polymer Clay Play Coins

Then remove from heat, add a few drops more of baby oil, and start working it with your hands while it is still hot. It will get stretchy and workable. If you find it is sticking to your hands really bad, add a couple more drops of baby oil.

Polymer Clay Play Coins

Shape how you want. I have flat circles for coins. Let dry for 24+ hours.

You can paint your creations once they have dried. OR you can add a little food coloring to the mixture as you make it. I did not get fancy, just a Sharpie to make 5¢, 25¢, $1 and $2 coins.

Now, we’re going to go play David’s Tea, and count out some money… they don’t need to know that we’re working on math too.



I see myself making more in the near (cold) future for my girls to make their our sculptures.

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