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Grocery Shopping for Our Family of 5

We are a family of five living on one income. My husband’s income has to cover basically everything, rent, heating and lighting bills, vehicle payments, and of course food. I’m lucky enough and frugal enough, that sponsored posts and freelancing covers birthday and Christmas presents.

Shopping for our family of 5

I do the majority of the shopping, in fact I try to go without my Hubby, the king of throwing things in the cart!

I make my list, check it zero times and head out shopping. I have three places that I shop regularly. Wal-Mart (no surprise right?), Costco, and Wholesale Club (a Loblaw’s store).

I don’t use coupons. Ever. It became a waste of time for me. I know where the things I buy are cheapest, for example milk is almost a dollar cheaper at Costco, so of course I get it there.

I buy a lot of things in bulk:

  • ground beef – I break them down into 4-6 bags and freeze
  • pasta
  • tomato products (sauce, paste, diced, spaghetti sauce)
  • veggies

I am able to buy some vegetables on clearance they are perfectly healthy to eat, just bruised or such. We use them right away or freeze. Big savings here!

I can save more money on top of knowing where to buy what I need by planning ahead to what I want to make, or better yet, freeze planning.

I really save money on making things from scratch as well.

Do you meal plan? Have you tried to meal plan before?


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