Nova Scotia Food

The other night my five year old requested fish for supper. So off to the store we went for a box of High Liner’s Haddock. Along with a bag of french fries in the freezer supper for the kids and I were planned, Hubby was on his own as an anti-fish eater.

During supper we started talking about the food we missed from back home. Including real, fresh fish. Oh God, fresh fish, I’m talking fresh off the boat that not too many get to experience.

Nova Scotia Food - Fish

We also miss going to Tim Horton’s and getting what we ordered. If they made a mistake, they apologized and fixed it, not stared at you and do nothing. It’s all about costumer service people!

Pizza Delight. Pizza Delight donair sauce. Donairs. Greco donair subs. I’m drooling over my laptop, wishing that I had money for a plane ticket just to stuff my face in Nova Scotia.

Breakfast (or any other meal) at DJ’s Diner, just up the road from where we lived.

Breakfast at Jungle Jim’s. They have such amazing, delicious breakfast choices you just can’t go wrong.

The small restaurants that are just little hidden jems all over the province.

Hubby also really enjoys Rappie Pie… an Acadian dish. I was not raised with this dish, and I’m not a fan of it, but Hubby loves it! My mom freezes packages of it to bring out when she visits. Gauge is taking after his dad and digs right in.

Nova Scotia Food - Rappie Pie

The food just tastes so much better in Nova Scotia. As a family that loves to cook, and to go out to eat, we know what good food tastes like, Nova Scotia has it.

And just like buying a box of frozen fish, we make do with creating our own. Heather from Mmm is for Mommy has great recipe for donair sauce, this is the same recipe that Hubby makes.

We also love goulash, fresh vegetables from the garden… I can’t wait to have a garden to make it fresh grown from our own garden.

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