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Summer in our House

It’s hot, the kids are home and crazy, our pets are panting, the days are long… We have no air conditioning, there are fans all over the house but it’s still not getting any cooler. Summer in our house might end end us all.

According to the weather report people (getting really technol here) they are predicting this summer is going to be hot and dry. So this is what summer looks like for us:

Summer in our House

  • We are eating either only cold meals or from the slow cooker.
  • We are chugging down water like there is no tomorrow, and I’m brewing tea from David’s Tea for ice tea, even Gauge is asking for tea now too.
  • The laundry has probably doubled. The number of outfits my kids has doubled, at least, because no one wears a bathing suit in the pool or sprinkler, but go in fully clothed.
    Summer in our House
  • The evenings, usually before supper are meant for sitting outside in the shade of the patio table umbrella while the kids run through the sprinkler or splash in their kiddie pool. Anything to help cool before a late supper and bedtime.
  • There is one really nice thing to all the heat, the thunder and lighting storms are out of this world! Saskatchewan in known as the Land of the Living Skies… and boy are they great, so add in a thunder and lighting storm and wow!
  • We have gone through a few boxes of freezies already and we’re barely into the third week of July.
    Summer in our House

What does summer look like in your home? Are you getting out, getting wet and cooling down, or melting?

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