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What to Accomplish This Summer

Summer has basically been here in Southeast Saskatchewan, this weekend it will be official. The temperatures are hot, and sunny, giving us a lot of chances to have fun. I have thought up some things that I want on our summer bucket list, its not all fun activities or places to go, but its a perfect for our family.

Summer Bucket List


Our bucket list:

  1. Splash park and wadding pool – while we’re living a bit farther away from it this summer, I plan on getting there at least once a week, even if its just a quick trip
  2. Take more pictures, getting more practice with my camera – I haven’t picked up my camera in almost a week! Eek!
  3. Head to a “real” pool, something Hubby and I can actually swim in, something the girls can practice swimming in – they of course have daily access to their small backyard pool
    Cleaning the pool
  4. Start jogging by the end of summer – I’m starting already, thank you treadmill!
  5. Have Austin reading by the end of summer – we’re getting there, she read a Berenstain Bear book to me last night with little to no help!
  6. Playground, a few times this summer – we can only go to the local one first thing in the morning, talk about hot in the afternoon
  7. A trip to, somewhere. Somewhere in Saskatchewan, somewhere fun preferably.
  8. Have a picnic, hopefully, on July 1st, my mom will be visiting then so as long as the weather holds up we’ll be picnicking and having fun
  9. Get messy – as normal
  10. Relax. Have lazy days before school starts in September.

I’m not making big plans, summer is going to be about relaxing and enjoying the sun and warmth before the snow starts falling.

All three kids are happy to spend all day outside. My girls last summer would eat every meal outside, breakfast, lunch and supper. Dragging them into the house can be challenging, but I’ll take it, because they’re not glued to the TV.

What would be on your bucket list for this summer? Anything big or just small things like mine?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.