Our Week on the West Coast

We spent an amazing week on the West coast of Canada last week. We had never been before and we can’t wait to go back again… in October.

We are back from vacation but not out of vacation mode yet. Neither Hubby nor I are getting back into the swing of things quickly, or even slowly.

The moment we saw the Mountains we were in awe. Blake slowed down (driving), I snapped pictures. But in reality, the pictures don’t do them justice.

Vacation to the West Coast

We didn’t realize just how far the mountains went, we saw them while we were in Victoria BC. We could see them from our hotel room at the Admiral Inn which made waking up on vacation that much better.

We had a lot of great walks around Victoria, hardly driving any where. I’m sure my girls are still tired from all the walking we did!

Vacation to the West Coast 

We hit up the Royal BC Museum, the Victoria Bug Zoo (eww!) and the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre.

Vacation to the West Coast

We then hopped back on the Ferry and headed back to Vancouver. The ferry was the first boat my kids have ever been on.

Vacation to the West Coast

We spent a few hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, checking it all out, at least once, if not more.

Vacation to the West Coast

We had an amazing vacation, I can’t say it often enough. We enjoyed every minute of it, from the drive out to the drive home, the hotel stays, the places we visited, everything.

We also loved getting the chance to dip our toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

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