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Honibe is Part of A Healthy Lifestyle

April is almost over, and we haven’t been sitting on our behinds, but instead have busy enjoying the month outside with the lovely weather that has fallen over Southeast Saskatchewan. Temperatures in the high teens to low twenties, the sun shining.

Part of enjoying the lovely weather is making sure that we are healthy enough to do so. Eating right and being active go hand in hand, and in hand with enjoying the weather.

That’s why I was happy to share this product with you, I’m also an affiliate with them now too… and on to the good healthiness.

honibe vitamins

Photo courtesy of Honibe

Part of being healthy is taking vitamins. Honibe honey vitamin gummies have become a great addition to our daily routine. The “gummy” part makes them easier for my poor Hubby who hates swallowing pills, and a tasty treat before brushing my kids’ teeth.

Our routine is quite simple: We tell our girls that it is bedtime… usually about 7. One of them, or both of them then says with the sweet, whining voice of a child wanting something “Can we have a vitamin?”. It never fails. They love taking their vitamins. And in a world that isn’t all that healthy I’m happy that I know they are getting when they need from their Kids Honibe Honey Gummies.

There are no artificial colors, no dairy and no gluten.

50% less refined sugar, and all natural. The number one ingredient is 100% Canadian Honey.

And if the gummies seem a little sticky to you, that’s because they’re coated the gummies in beeswax as opposed to other products who use sugar  or chemicals!

But don’t think that because of less refined sugar they aren’t going to taste great! Hubby’s comment on them was that the orange one tastes just like an actual orange, and he’s not a health product loving person.

Now we all have the energy to run around in the sun, enjoying the fresh day, or the evening sunset, using up as much energy as possible.

Honibe - Fun in the Sun

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