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Family Pets Health

You may have saw a few tweets Thursday about it being a bad day, needing more coffee and being at the vet. Well, my first baby was suppose to just get a check up, and ended up sick. We take care of our pets health just as we do ourselves so having two sick pets in a month is very odd is beyond strange.

Last month our cat started, as the vet called it “inappropriately urinating”, I called it “trying to make a mess in my house!”. I won’t have a pet messing in my house! We took our 7 year old cat straight to the vet. The answer: UTI. Gave him some medicine and added wet food to his diet and thought he was back to normal. A few days after his meds ended he was acting up again so back to the vet we went. New food some more meds and he is finally back to normal.


A picture of our from at least 4 years ago.

 We had happy, healthy pets.

Scheduled our dog for his vaccine updates (not only do I vaccinate my kids but I vaccinate my animals too!) plus the kennel cough for our up and coming vacation. That morning he started getting sick.

Our Dog Luca

A really old picture of Luca.

Took him to the vet anyways, and they figured that he must have gotten into something (mainly food droppings from one of the kids) or a virus and it was bothering him. Home we went.

Then the vomiting started. Then he vomited blood. Freak out! Back to the vet we went.

Our almost 100lb dog (who thinks he is a cat) is back home, on mediation and a diet of white rice and boiled hamburger, till wasn’t feeling right, and messing in my house. More new food and new meds and he is finally coming around… I can tell because he is following the kids looking for droppings again! We call him Hover at time, can you understand why?

We have one cat left and he better stay healthy! He isn’t quite as easy going as the other two and would not be happy with a trip to the vet and new people.


My pretty boy Shady!

I can’t say enough good things about the Prairie Animal Health Centre of Weyburn. The one vet that we have been dealing with for both sick animals has been amazing. He understood that we had limited funds for our pets but still love them.

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