Cotton Tail Easter Bunny Craft

This is a very simple fun but Easter craft that I did with my kids the other day. There is very little needed, which I’ll be honest is my favorite kind of craft. If I have to go buy stuff for a specific craft I probably won’t do it. But when everything is already in our house then we’re doing it, like this Cotton Tail Easter Bunny Craft.

Cotton Tail Easter Bunny Craft

Cotton Tailed Easter Bunnies

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What you need:

  • cotton balls
  • glue sticks
  • scissors
  • paper
  • crayons

All you need are some  cotton balls, crayons or paint or such, paper and in our case as we cut them out, scissors (these are my favorite scissors for kids, they are smooth cutting and not expensive).

This craft starts with a bunny. A template worked best for us, because I can’t get that shape right more than once… even that was a big stretch for me. I have two per page. More fun and cuteness per page.

cotton tails bunnies

We colored them however we wanted. I guess I forgot to specify that we were coloring the backs of bunnies, because Austin gave eyes to her bunny. Not a big deal, she was being creative and doing her own thing (which I completely encourage). Her little bunny was going to be looking at it’s cotton ball tail.

cotton tails bunnies

We then glued on our cotton balls, aka cotton tails. Austin quickly discovered how much easier it would be to put the glue (stick) on the bunny instead of the cotton ball. Learning is always happening around here.

cotton tails bunnies

These little guys are hopping around my cupboards and kitchen pantry door with their Easter eggs, decorating my kitchen. Hole punch each ear, and you can string them around as an Easter banner.

I think this is the first year we’ve really decorated for Easter with our crafts. It seems the older my girls get, the more excited they get, and therefore the more excited I get.

How does Easter work for you? Small things or bike like things?