My Must Have Baby Items

Three babies later, I have a pretty good idea of the things I’d love to have the money to give to someone at baby shower. When we moved from Nova Scotia to Saskatchewan I only brought the few times I absolutely wanted baby number 3 to have or wear, if number 3 was a girl that is, our bumbo, some of the girls tiny little baby clothes, and a few other small things.

My Must Have Baby Items

My Must Have Baby Items

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You’re must have items could very well be different than mine. Maybe you

  • a bumbo chair – I did keep ours, and used it more with Gauge than I did either of the girls
  • a swing – for Brookland and Gauge this was a must! One that plugs into the wall will save you so much on batteries
  • digital monitor baby – we have had our children in their own rooms as soon as possible
  • receiving blankets – they are quite big and multi purposeful: clean spit up, extra warmth, table table cover, etc
  • baby wrap (carrier) – I used my wrap so much with Gauge (number 3). When chasing the older kids around I was able to keep cuddling him like he wanted.
  • a good stroller – I have had many strollers, I loved both of InStep strollers – single and double.

Things you just don’t “need”:

  • a swing AND a vibrating chair
  • a million baby toys
  • fancy bedding – you shouldn’t use bumper pads anyway
  • wipe warmer – the first time baby has a cold wipe… watch out!
  • expensive anything – baby is going to grow fast, spit up a lot
  • shoes – they loose them and you’re left retracing your steps through a store
  • a bassinet – do you have a crib? Use it and save yourself some money

What are your most have baby items?