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Saskatchewan Science Centre Trip

This Momma has been stressed out all week. So Wednesday I took matters into my own hands and kept Austin “home” from school. But instead of staying home we got up early and tagged along with Hubby when he went into the city for training. After dropping him off, the kids and I went to the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

For two hours.

We got there minutes after it opened, so it was empty. Until a school group came, but they were in and out quite quickly. This was the first floor, where we explored first. 

Saskatchewan Science CentreThere is a bubble area, where you can stand inside a bubble. You can make a bubble wall as well as explore making smaller bubbles.

Saskatchewan Science Centre

And what would a Saskatchewan (anything) be without a train to load, unload and push around?

Saskatchewan Science Centre Saskatchewan Science Centre

What you can’t see in the picture above of the main floor is that there is also a small “cave” with small animals.

The dragon was rather hard to find in his home. His natural camouflage was perfect! And that beautiful snake? Well, as we were finishing up our visit, still upstairs, a worker came into the same room with us. He was standing a little ways away from me looking at me funny at first when I realized he had this little gal with him. I’m guessing he was trying to judge if we were afraid of snakes.

Both girls and I got to touch her. Austin loved it. The worker also showed the girls how to put together the human body/organs with the help of the snake. This isn’t our first visit here, but the first time we’ve had the experience of petting the snake here. Perhaps a perk of going early and in the middle of the week?

Saskatchewan Science CentreUpstairs is a room about the human body. Brains to figure out, neurons to explore and such. A small community to enjoy play shopping, building of a house, learning about insulation. And a playground.

We had so much fun. It was the perfect way to forget everything, de-stress and enjoy my family. Too bad Hubby had to miss out on the fun this time.

Do you have places like this near you to visit and enjoy?


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