Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies Craft for Kids

My snowmen are put away until November, which doesn’t seem all that far away. While there is snow on the ground, I’m just tired of it. It is time to bring spring into the house for an early Easter.

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunnies

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Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies Craft for Kids

We have some lovely sun catchers gracing our windows brightening it up a bit, and now we have some cute little bunnies gracing the top of our kitchen cabinets. Maybe the Easter Bunny will have to leave an egg up there with our bunnies.

Toilet paper roll crafts are one of the most popular and classic recycled crafts out there, especially when it comes to crafting with kids. These often adorable and always cheap craft ideas are a great way to teach kids all about reusing and recycling products in the home.

You could also use paper towel tubes, tubes from wrapping paper, and such.

Here is how we made our Easter bunnies.

I free-hand cut out the pieces for our bunny – two feet, two ears, and a nose for each bunny.

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunnies

Austin colored her toilet paper roll.

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunnies

We glue the pink centers of the ears to the main color of the ears.

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunnies
Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunnies

We added some eyes, glued on a nose. Drew on some whiskers.

And of course, you can’t forget a little pompom tail.

We used a glue stick for everything, and a couple of weeks later they are still hanging on!

I don’t normally decorate for every holiday, the older my kids get the more excited they get and the more I want to decorate. Making crafts is a fun, cheap way to decorate. Plus it gets them just that much more excited.

Do you decorate for Easter?

How Sanitary are Toilet Paper Rolls for Crafting?

Yes, there are germs in the bathroom. Just like every other part of your house. But the bathroom does have the poop factor. Personally, I don’t worry too much about it as we are healthy, keep a clean house, and aren’t chewing on the toilet paper roll crafts.

How to Sanitize Toilet Paper Rolls

Set your rolls out in the sun. Sitting out in the sun should help kill off any bacteria that might be lingering.

Spray down tubes with Lysol or wipe them down with a Clorox wipe.

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