Making Mom Friends in a New Area

We’ve moved around a lot in the last eight years, after the first move I was lucky enough to start babysitting for a few really great women whom I was happy to become friends with. But every move did not leave me with friends or even need or will to babysit. Making mom friends can be super hard, and feel impossible. You have kids in common, but then you have to find some other common ground.

Making Mom Friends

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So how do you go about meeting mom friends in your area?

One of the first things I do when we move to a new place is search for Facebook groups for the area, usually there is a garage sale group where you can ask about a local events page and some places will have a children’s sale page, or a mommy group page.

As a homeschooler now, I have whole other group that I can search for and a whole new way to meet new people.

The next thing I do is look at the local library website for information, see what they offer. A lot, even small town, libraries offer story times, sometimes for different age groups (ie/ toddlers, preschoolers, school-agers). This is probably where our love of libraries has come from.

Finding friends you can be real with.

Some Places to Look for Meeting Mom Friends:

  • Library
  • Family place/centers
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Local grocery stores with community rooms

Sometimes making small talk with another mom can make a big difference in a new area. You could end up with a great friend.

Finding someone you can talk to outside of your family can be life changing. Someone who isn’t going to judge you. Someone who might be going through the same things as you.

A friend to grab coffee with, or to just hang out at the playground with. Hanging out at the playground can be really boring when you are just there with your kids, having someone to chat with really help to past the time. Bonus if you have kids that enjoy playing together.

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