Keeping Active During the Winter

First let me say Happy Family Day! It is observed in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Something I really like about Saskatchewan! Because who doesn’t need an extra day off in February?

Second, how active are you once the cold weather hits your area? I know for us we live in the house. We go from the house to the the vehicle to where ever it is we’re going and right back again. It is too cold out there for my butt. We find other ways to stay active. I workout (I’m trying to stick to it!), our girls are in some activities, and we do all of the following things too.

Keeping Active in Winter

Keeping Active During the Winter

Keeping Active in Winter

Here are some great ways to keep your children active in the winter, even if you can’t get outside.

Dance. Yes, I’ve mentioned it numerous times before including in dealing with bored children. Dancing around the house takes no set up or take down time, everyone can do from the very young to the very old. Its just fun!

Skating. If you have access to a pond (completely frozen and safe) or a rink. Skating is a great workout for moms and dads trying to keep younger ones up on their feet. Did you know you can have your own skating rink, set it right up in your yard? I would LOVE to have one for my kids.

Sledding. While we don’t have a lot of opportunity for this one, it is really fun. A great lead into a nap or even bed time too. Walking up that hill multiple times is bound to tire little legs (and big ones) out.

Balloons. I don’t think there is anything like a balloon to get everyone moving. When you see a balloon floating towards you, you rarely let it drop to the floor, you instead, hit it back! Kids will do this until the balloon breaks, it is such fun!

Crafts for your kids. How is this active? Simple do a craft with your children, just try it. You, Momma, will not get to sit down. They need something else, you have to go get it. They “think” they need help, so you’re moving around from child to child.

We dance, they skate (I walk), we toss balloons around, and I do pull Gauge in his sled.

How do you keep your family active in the cold Winter months?

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