Fireworks in a Jar for Kids

I’ll be honest, this isn’t my day. I have been fighting with the internet and kids all morning. At least the internet finally “listened”, the kids… well, let’s just say I see an earlier than normal lunch and nap in the future. I really hope that this gets done this afternoon after nap. Cross your fingers for me. Water, oil and food color, sounds boring, but it was quite beautiful and quite neat, like fireworks.

I tested this one the other day to see if it was something that they should do individually or as a group. I think individually. Too much going on in one container to make them share or even try to see what is happening in one jar.

Fireworks in a Jar

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You’ll need:

I plan to let them touch a bit of water, then a bit of the oil to feel the difference, before we get to the fun mixing parts. Brave I know, to let them touch the oil let alone add to it, stir and pour it. I just hope we get to do this this afternoon, if not, something fun for me and my girls.


Fill your jar about 3/4 the way full of water.

Put some oil in a small bowl. Add some food color. I used 4 colors, 3 drops of each.


 The color drops don’t break up in the oil. Give it a little stir with a fork. The color won’t separate, you’ll instead see more “balls” or “beads” of color.

Pour your oil into the water. Mine was quite dark at first when I added the oil and color. All the food color separating from the oil into the water.


 You can see some individual colors starting to show.


The longer I watched, trying to get a few good pictures the more you could see happening. Just like fireworks.


Getting ready to clean up, I noticed the bubble at the bottom. It looks like some oil bubbled under the water with some food color drops.


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