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Gymnastics, Dance, School and Home

At the end of December I bought a Mom’s Ultimate Calendar to keep track of what’s what each week. Between gymnastics, dance, school and home there aren’t a whole of days that don’t have something going on. Some days/weeks are busier than others.

Our Days

Each Wednesday we have dance at 4:30 and again at 5:30. In between those times we eat supper while at the school because it would be a waste of time and gas so we just hang out. We tend to take lot of books to read and occasionally their tablets too.

Our Days

Each Saturday we have gymnastics at 1 and 2. You may have seen I mentioned that I write blog posts while at gymnastics using Evernote.

Our Days

Mondays are for Story Time at our (somewhat) local library. Perfect for school days because Brookland calls it her “school”.

School days, well school days are enough to send me running for the hills. It is every other day, excluding weekends. School is on a 6 day cycle and we have school on day 2, 4, and 6. Its too damn cold in the mornings for this!

Our Days

We are a busy family. Both girls love gymnastics so much, and Austin loves dance (ballet). Brookland, disbite her love for music and dancing around the house is struggling a little with dance. BUT she is in ballet/tap. The first half is ballet and just way too slow for her, the moment she gets her taps shoes on though she is a little dancer.

A busy family. A loving family. An active family.

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