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What Makes Your Heart Smile?

What Makes Your Heart Smile?

I was so excited when Ashley from Forgetful Momma asked me to write a post for her blog.  It is such an honor to be asked to write for another blogger!  My goal was to write something special for Ashley and I think I accomplished that goal.  I love my children beyond the moon.  Though they are much older now (21, 17, 15, and 10) my love for them still shines from inside my soul.

what makes your heart smile

Simply make your heart smile

I was cleaning my kitchen table the other day and I found something that made me smile. Before you jump to any conclusions let me explain.

I home schooled my three older children from kindergarten to 6th grade. Every morning we would sit at the kitchen table and do our lessons.
Our home school days are long gone but the memories linger. While cleaning the table I found numbers and math problems carved into the table top. I imagine the kids pressed too hard with their pencils on the soft pine table top.

This find made me smile. It made my heart smile.

My oldest daughter was born prematurely. She was born before medical science was prepared for preemie. There were no preemie clothes, diapers, socks, or hats. She was a pioneer of sorts.

She was tiny. Very tiny.  We expected an 8 lb. baby. We had a 6 lb. baby. Doesn’t sound like much of a difference until you need to buy diapers and clothes for a baby a bit larger than a bag of flour.

She swam in this little romper. It was at least ½ as large as she was. It still amazes me.

This romper makes my heart smile.

what makes your heart smile

My daughter’s preemie romper and home schooling etched into my table

Your Smiling Heart

There is truth in the saying “smile and be happy”. It is almost impossible to stay sad or angry when you smile; when your heart smiles.

What every day things make your heart smile? Your child, spouse, parent, or grandparent? Your dog or cat? Perhaps it is a photo or appreciating the beauty of a flower?

Your heart may smile at the sound of music, taste of a food, or the smell of a beautiful perfume.

Sometimes my heart smiles watching children play or a mom care for her baby. My heart smiles visiting the museum (one of my favorite places) or the coast. A smiling heart is filled with warmth, appreciation, and gratitude.

To me a smiling heart is love and love is a smiling heart.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.