Slow Cooker Freezer Meals

As you may have seen here and there, we are moving, again. We were extremely to find this place, the price for the house (rental). Everything else is out of the world expensive. Plus we want to get all credit and loan debit paid off by spring. This has lead me to once again try meal planning and therefore saving money. Normally, for me, it has lasted one maybe two days then I’m off track and give up.

Not this time. I am determined to make it work and save money doing it. No more running to the store because I don’t feel like cooking or don’t know what to make. There are were eight meals in my freezer just waiting to go into the slow cooker.

Freezer Meal PlanningI started by cleaning off the counters and stove. Nothing to get in the way. I also had the sinks and dishwasher empty to toss dirty dishes into as I went. And easy clean up when I was finished. 

Freezer Meal Planning


I had all my bags labeled with what the meal was and any instructions needed.

And guess what? That is all I have for pictures! Crazy I know, but once I got going I forgot. BUT I will take some next time I do up a big batch for the freeze. I know eight wasn’t really a big batch but for a first time it was enough for me, and a week later there are still six in the freezer. Thank you Thanksgiving for almost a weeks worth of leftovers.

So in my slow cooker this morning: Teriyaki Chicken.

Freezer Meal Planning

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