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Are youand your kindergartener ready for school? We are official ready here. School supplies have been bought and labeled. Lunch and recess items have been bought. We have the forms all filled out and ready to be handed in on the morning of registration. All that’s left is walking her to school and walking away.

I have tissues ready to go as well. For me. And for Brookland.

Did I mention school supplies labeled? Every little school supply had to be labeled. I’m talking each marker, each crayon had to have her first and last name on them. Ugh. Time consuming? Hard work? Not really.

Name Bubbles makes back to school labeling easy. Their School Value pack has everything you need for back to school.

Name Bubbles School Labels

Once you have decided which labels you want you start personalizing them. Pictured above is their School Label pack.

There are seven steps to personalising your labels:

  1. Series – the look of it, with a choice of 6 different ones.
  2. Style – the style of the product – simple, birdhouse, arcade
  3. Color – so many choices
  4. Font – from traditional to playful – seven to choose from
  5. Shoes – six to choose from
  6. If you are getting them for clothing – the choose of being laminated or not
  7. Review your order

Name Bubbles

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and check out all things labelled on their Instagram account.

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