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Our Sleep Solution Gone Wrong

We all learn through trial and error. I don’t believe in screwing with my sleep nor with my child but getting him to sleep better is definitely a trial and error kid of thing. We’re working to figure out what works best for us, and if it can help you and your baby sleep better then that make me a very happy Momma, and friend.

You can read about our first night of getting a better nights sleep. Well the next few nights were definitely different from that one.

A Better Sleep Solution

Night Two: I thought we were doing so good. I was later getting his bottle to him than I had wanted so I took him down to his room to give it to him, that way he was still falling asleep in his room. It went great. He didn’t finish his bottle, was in a deep sleep, I had no problems laying him down. But. While he was in a deep sleep he was moving a bit. Then that Mother’s Instinct or Gut Feeling kicked in. 

I stayed beside him just watching. He burped. Then it sounds like he was going to spit up a little, yet didn’t. I still stood there watching. Then…

He vomited. A lot. And slept through it.

I picked him up fast while yelling for Hubby.

Gauge kept on sleeping.

While Hubby cleaned up the the bedding, I took Gauge’s jammie shirt off, and he hardly woke, just stirred a little in his sleep.

Needless to say, I didn’t put him back in his crib, nor did I put him down. It scared me a bit.

On the third night he fell sleep on a drive.

On the fourth night he fell sleep in the stroller.

On the fifth night… we figured out what works for us. For now.

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