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Mistaken Identity

Your identity is yours to protect. Make sure you take the steps to protect yours. If you want to be able to get a loan, credit card, a home of your own someday, make sure that you know your identity is protected. I didn’t think about mine, didn’t think it mattered at all. Hubby has great credit, the house we do own is in his name (he bought it a few months after we met). What did my credit, or lack there of, matter? Then this happened and I decided it did matter.

(This is NOT a sponsored post, there is and will be no compensation for my having written it.)

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For the past few weeks I have been getting calls from a number, repeatedly. At first it was a couple times a week, then once a day. Then this week it started being twice a day. When I would answer one of two things would happen:
One: a automated message telling me that so and so was calling with an important business call and to stay on the line. To me, sounds like a scam and the couple times I did try to stay on the line no one ever answered.
Two: they hung up the moment I said hello.

Yesterday, I missed my phone ringing all together. I saw I had a voice message so I went to check it. First, I’m not good with cellphones. I actually ended up calling the number back instead of calling to check my voice mail. I was quite shocked to hear someone on the other end instead of a recording asking for my code.

She told me she was from a collection agency, who had been trying to get a hold of me on behalf of ABC. I was shocked. I have only a student loan, no other debt, not even a credit card.

I asked twice who ABC was. Apparently it was a schooling/program institution. Nope, never went there. I explained that I went to school at two places – both based out Nova Scotia, not this ABC place.

She asked for confirmation of who I was in form of my address. It didn’t match her records.

I just learned a very valuable lesson and I want to share it with all of you.

Watch your identity. 

Right away I got signed up with TransUnion. I want to make sure that I am safe. Luckily there is nothing there that shouldn’t be. It truly was a mistake somewhere. I think I know where the mistake was, and on the phone I pointed them in the direction of that mistake. I guess maybe when I married and took Hubby’s last name maybe I should have hyphened my maiden name, especially when there is someone who the same last name, same maiden name initial, the number of sames could go on and on.

Make sure you protect yourself. There are a number of articles and books out there to help keep you safe.

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