Summer Avocado for Baby

Up high on the first foods list for our babies is avocado. We’ve had mixed reactions to it from our kids. Love, hate and whatever. Gauge is the one that loves it. Austin could have cared less, and Brookland just hated it.

I bought a couple for Gauge to try, and Austin wanted to try it as well. She loved it. Gauge loved it. I figured it was a good choice for snacks so I bought a few more.

One morning, Austin asked for toast with peanut butter and some avocado. It turns out she didn’t like it after all. Instead of mashing it all up for Gauge I set out to make him a frozen treat for his mesh feeder.

frozen avocado snack
frozen avocado snack

I lined a baking sheet with wax paper and set about cutting our avocados into bite size pieces. I crowded them onto the baking sheet but made sure the pieced weren’t touching each other.

frozen avocado snack

In to the freezer they went for a couple hours – when I remembered that they were in there.

frozen avocado snack

They came off the wax paper with no sticking and fell right into the zip-loc bag I had waiting,They feel great on his teething gums, hard and cold, and as they melt he gets a great snack. I get something too. A mess to clean. It is messy, but it doesn’t stain, he loves it.

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