What’s in my Make Up Bag?

In the last couple months I moved up from a small travel bag to this lovely pink make up box that I have had for years. I always just used it to hold my “woman’s stuff” tampons, pads, etc. It’s amazing how little is needed once I switched to the Lunette (Oh, TMI! Sorry.)

I have been buying CoverGirl products since I started buying make up, at least 13 years now. I trust the quality of it, and know that when I’m buying something that its what I want.

I do have a few things in here that are not CoverGirl, because I got them from a couple month subscription boxes I had tried.

What's in my Make Up Bag

  • Lip gloss – one from Julep – this my favorite, I love the color and texture on my lips. One from Wantable – not my fave
  • Eye shadow – one from Wantable, some CoverGirl, something else over on the edge that should probably be thrown out
  • Lipstick – Wantable. I am not a person to wear lipstick, but I really liked this one from . It lasts, I didn’t end up chewing it off, and the color is great too
  • Foundation – CoverGirl – two powder shades – one for summer and fall one for winter and spring; one liquid Aqua which is amazing for my dry skin
  • Mascara – CoverGirl Lash Blast – the best EVER!
  • Wax – Veet Precision wax – great for eye brows and upper lip
  • Make up brushes – should probably clean those…
  • Necklace. This has been in with my make up since I got married four and a half years ago. My earrings were in there too but after loosing one down a sink drain and having hubby have to tear it apart I put them somewhere else

Now that you have seen the depths of my make up bag: What’s in yours?

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