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Baking Soda Bubbles

All children should know the wonders that can be found in your cupboard. There are so many “magic” ingredients hiding there in plain sight. Like vinegar and baking soda. And food color too, but their optional.

What you need:

  • Take a baking pan, or a bowl, or a pot, something with sides to hold it all in
  • a box of baking soda, the bigger the better
  • vinegar
  • food color
  • a cloth to wipe up spills
  • small bowl(s)
  • droppers or spoons

Cover the bottom of the pan with baking soda, a thick layer.

baking soda & Vinegar

If you are going to use food color, add a couple drops to each bowl with your vinegar.

baking soda & Vinegar

Using the droppers your child can start adding vinegar to the baking soda and watch the magic happen.

My 5 year old had no problems using the droppers but my 3 year old had a bit of trouble with them. The squeezing and then releasing to get the vinegar in the dropper and then out.

baking soda & Vinegar

I shared a similar post a couple years ago. We used vinegar and lemon juice with a few different ingredients in test tubes in an outdoor science experiment.

The kids love mixing vinegar and baking soda. Even if I’m just cleaning the drains they want to watch the bubbles.

baking soda & Vinegar

It just happened that I saw someone giving away a bunch of medicine droppers on a Facebook yard sale group. I grabbed them up quickly, not for medicine as you can see, but for activities. We’ll be doing a lot more with these.