Summer Survival Kit for A Summer at Home

Summer weather is just about here. We’re still getting a rainy day here and there that goes along with spring, but the temperatures are definitely up there. We will be sticking close to home this year with quiet trips to the beach or playground. I will be putting together my typical summer survival kit for a summer at home.

Summer Survival Kit - girl blowing bubbles

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Summer Survival Kit for A Summer at Home

There is nothing written that says summer at home can’t be fun, or that you shouldn’t plan ahead for summer. You don’t have to have every moment of summer planned, you can give your kids time to be bored, time to use their imagination to the fullest.


A bucket of water and a shovel or spoon will entertain my kids for hours! The water will be everywhere, but that’s why they are outside. They get wet and cool off a bit that way, clean the deck, and the patio furniture all at the same time. Win-win.

Don’t be afraid to let your kids make a mess with water outside. Let them get wet and cool down while having fun.


I bought a box of chalk on clearance years ago and this year I finally will have to buy more. Chalk is another hour or more long activity at our house.

Drawing pictures, hopscotches, or just making your yard colorful. We also make chalk paint with cornstarch, water, and food color.

Dirt and /or Sand

They are just starting to make mud pies, cakes, soups, and all those other “good” mud creations. Add water and let the fun and mess begin. A sandbox is a great investment for summer fun.

We have so many memories of puddle jumping, and splashing around in mud puddles. Mud can be washed off, clothes can be washed.


We love bubbles. All five of us. Hubby and I will blow them and the kids chase them. even our dogs like to chase bubbles around the yard.

Summer Survival Kit  - laying in the flowers

A Blanket

The wonders that a blanket holds. It’s a picnic blanket and a fort-building blanket, a cuddle up and watch a movie blanket, or sit around the fire blanket. We love to sit outside together as a family and read.

Access to the pool

Whether it’s a kiddie pool, an above or in-ground pool, or the public pool. We’ll be getting a kiddie pool, again, they never last longer than a year here because they use them. Even as my kids get older a kiddie pool is nice for a quick cool down when we can’t get to the beach or a public pool.

What I always have for the summer:

  • bubbles
  • sandbox
  • a large blanket
  • sidewalk chalk
  • bucket (for water, or the beach)
  • kiddie pool

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