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My Blogging Challenge – Time

Ah blogging. How I love thee, how I hate thee. It is definitely a love/hate relationship. But, for me, so rewarding. I have had experiences that never would have happened if I hadn’t started blogging or had given up on it such as

  • opportunities to meet and work with some great people
  • work with some amazing brands
  • earn a little extra for my family

While those are great, I like sharing with others. The fun that we have as a family could be the fun that another family could have because we shared it with them. Delicious recipes that we have shared or products that we have reviewed.

My Blog Challenge

Through the last three years that I have had my site on WordPress there has been one challenge that pops up over time, quite often. Time. Time to get new posts up. Time to share them on social media sites. Time to read and comment on others posts.

My three children definitely keep me busy and, could provide enough to write about everyday.

Now that school is done (woohoo!) I’m going to have a bit more time. And I’ll be honest, school has been out for a little while now and I have been enjoying some quality time with my babies. The weather has been great as well, so we’ve been walking, playing outside, and just doing nothing all day.

Time to start spending my days being productive as well. Writing again because I love writing, reading other blogs, sharing some fun, delicious and cool stuff again. Time management here I come. Time to be getting up before the kids again. Time to get stuff done.

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