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MAM Anti-Colic Bottles & Pacifiers

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles can take the stress out of newborn feedings. Designed with leading developmental experts, the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle helps reduce the stress associated with newborn feedings and decreases colic symptoms in babies by 80 percent.

Suited for both breast milk and formula, the bottle design helps babies stay relaxed by eliminating air pockets during feeding.  Patented ventilation holes in its base allow it to flow evenly without bubbles for reduced gas.

The design features an innovative silicone seal to prevent milk from leaking out during mealtime. While using bags of breast milk I was heating the milk in the bag so I didn’t have a problem with this. However. Once I started using a bottle warmer they did start leaking.

The bottle’s design makes it a pleasure for mom to use.  A wide mouth allows for easier filling and washing.  It is comfortable to hold during feedings.

An innovative self-sterilizing design allows mom to quickly and safely sterilize an empty bottle in the microwave. (A feature that their pacifiers have as well.)

MAM Anti-Colic

My over all opinion of these is bottles is that they are good, Gauge had no trouble taking the nipple and seems less gassy when I’ve used them. The only problem is the leaking when I use my bottle warmer. My solution: warming it a glass of hot water. It takes no longer than the warmer. The only reason I have the warmer in the first place is to save on my water bill.

Their pacifiers… I can’t say how much I LOVE them. They are perfect perfect perfect. We have used a lot of different brands and these are without a doubt our favorite. They have glow in the dark, funky prints and they don’t get all gross under the “nipple” like other big brands do.  They have a self sensitizing case as well working the same way as the bottles.

They also have tiny little 0+ pacifiers that are the perfect size for your new baby. They are smaller than the 0-3 or 0-6 month ones out there.

Would I recommend this products: Yes. The pacifiers 100%. The bottles 90% yes.

Disclosure: I received two bottles for the propose of this review. My opinion and review is 100% honest. I did not receive any compensation. The pacifiers were bought by me and not supplied for the review.

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