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The Joy & Comfort of Undercover Mama

The majority of us nursing Mama’s have been there. It’s time to feed baby, in a crowded room, a store, a small group of close friends, or maybe your sitting at home alone and just what to feel a little more comfortable and a little less exposed. Or maybe you could careless about it all… good for you! I applaud you, I really do. I hated my stomach hanging out when I had to lift my shirt to nursing. Then came this amazing shirt from Undercover Mama.

undercover mamaSlip it on, hook it to your nursing bra, or regular bra and go.

When lifting your shirt to nursing baby your midsection remains completely covered as this nursing tank top slides down with the outer cup of your bra.

undercover mamaUndercover Mama shirts to the outer flap of a top-opening nursing bra by sliding each hook onto the flap a little below the clasp. Usually it will slide on just below the seam where the bottom of the clasp is sewn to the bra. You want to push enough material into the hook so it is snug. You can also slip the hook of the Undercover Mama on to the strap of your bra instead of the flap. You don’t have to wear nursing bras to use Undercover Mama nursing tanks.

Now I know that they have actually have a slimming tank, but my first impression with the regular style was that it seemed to slim me. I was, and am, super impressed with that feature. I love the length and cut of the tank. Love love love this mom product! I wish I had this when I was nursing Brookland.

There are a few different styles: the slimming, the basic, and the lace trimmed. They also have breastfeeding bundle. You can see all of these right on their main page.

Make sure to head over and like their Facebook page. They have lots going on. They give away monthly gift cards in their newsletter, have product giveaways on their blog and so much more. You can also join in on conversations via Twitter.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for review. I did/will not receive compensation for this review. My reviews are always 100% honest. 

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