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My Smiles are Because of You

I am smiling. I am proud. I am a mother.

Hubby and I watched just the other day as Austin taught her little sister how to zipper up her jacket all by herself. I am so proud of what an amazing big sister she is. She loves her little sister and brother.

The fighting between those girls could drive me crazy, almost all day, any day – usually starting when Brookland wakes her sister up in the morning.

But in the end, they are sisters who love each other.

At Brookland’s two month needles, down the hall through a closed door Austin heard her little sister cry and wanted to go to her to make her happy again. Now two and a half years later, Austin is making sure her little brother is happy. She is a four, almost five, year old little mother hen.

My babies make me so happy and make me smile everyday. They are the reason that I am who I am, why I am smiling.

They are the reason for those extra pounds, the laugh lines, the happy tears and frustrated tears shed, this blog, my web design program, the pain, love, exhaustion, and everything in between.

So, all my smiles, in one way or another, today, yesterday and tomorrow, are because of my three babies.


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