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We’re Baby Wearing

I started baby wearing with Austin… I had Snuggly and HATED it. All caps kind of hate, it hurt my shoulders and back (she was just a tiny little thing) so I only used it once or twice.  Then came Brookland. I used that darn Snuggly again for walks until I got my double stroller, unless I convinced someone else to go for a walk with me so I didn’t have to use it.

Then one lucky day I won a Cuddly Wrap in a giveaway (from Everything Mom and Baby). I was so excited, couldn’t wait to get it. It changed the way I felt about wearing my kids. I loved wearing Brookland with my wrap.

I was able to do more with Austin simply by wearing Brookland. If we went somewhere and she was fussy unable to sleep due to being over stimulated I’d take her for a walk. It is so much easier (and saves so much room) to pack a wrap than a double jogger. It has gone camping with us as well.

Fast forward a year and I was looking into other carriers something I could use for Brookland on my back. I now have a Mei Tai I bought on Etsy. When I first bought it it actually lived in my large purse, Brookland would fall asleep every time we went shopping. It was easier to wear her and let her sleep comfortably instead of in a shopping cart or trying to keep her awake.

Now, with Gauge here, both carriers are being used. I use my Cuddly for when I know he’ll settle down and sleep. I love how close and warm his little body is when I wear it. I know he feels safe because of how fast he’s asleep in it.

baby wearing

 Right now my Mei Tai is for those cranky, won’t let me put him down, but he’s asleep times. I have become skilled at putting it on while sitting down with him sleeping on my chest. He gets the rest he needs and I get to: cook supper, do homework, take care of his sisters, etc.

baby wearingI see a comfy clothes, looking like a mess trend here.

I can’t recommend baby wearing enough. Hands free cuddle time with baby. For me, I can get the dishwasher loaded wearing him, and not feel like my house is a mess. It’s the little things that count, and baby wearing helps keep me a little farther from insanity.

baby wearing

Oh, and I still have that Snuggly around here  somewhere.

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