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Lost Time and Sanity

It’s the middle of the night and I’m thinking about all that I need to do tomorrow. Laying in bed I know I won’t remember it all but I can’t to get out of bed to write it down. If I get up I’ll never get back to bed with all I want to get done. I completely understand the phrase burning the candle at both ends right now, is seems I’ve lost time and sanity with it.

Lost Time

Gauge hasn’t been feeling well. He spends a good part of the evening and night crying, with us unable to calm or sooth him for the most part. There have been some very long nights here.

Cranky Boy Lost Time

The girls are, for the most part, early risers, everyday.

This Momma hasn’t had a whole lot of sleep lately.

Hopefully the laundry won’t build up too much this week… but with the washer and dryer in the basement and construction workers coming and going down there all day its hard to get laundry done. Did I mention the basement is being refinished in the house we are currently living in? Naptime is no longer happening here due to the noise in this house. I miss naptime. 

Today is a new day. The start of a new week. A week where I hope to get a couple more hours of sleep. Where I won’t leave my school work for the last moment. Computer based school work is hard to accomplish with a baby that likes to be bounced and danced around the house and two little girls that need attention as well. My house is a mess but I figure if everyone is happy and feed then the house can stay a mess at this point.

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