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2014 Winter in Saskatchewan

There has been a large difference between this winter and last winter. Last winter was our first in Saskatchewan, and OMG the snow! I have never seen so much snow ever. And while it was cold I don’t think it was this cold.

Last year I shoveled the driveway just about every morning before the children I watched arrived. While it was a great workout, I was happy for spring. We were told many times that we got way more snow than normal. Truth: places had new snowfall records set that year.

This year, like a lot of places, have had extreme  cold temperatures with an extreme windchill.

winterinSKA screenshot  from The Weather Network on Jan 5, 2014.

We have snow, but not too too much, nothing like last year.

winter in sk

When I was taking this pictures I thought we were getting a little bit of snow, just 5 cm. Not too much, enough to make the already snow packed slippery roads worse, and make me fear the horrible drivers in this town even more.

winter in sk

While I hate snow, it makes bare trees beautiful, and everything look clean and peaceful.

winter in sk

See… just a light flurry action happening. Within 20 minutes, it was blowing and snowing hard causing whiteouts. We ended up having to cancel a doctor appointment because to snow fell so fast.

Fact that we didn’t know about Saskatchewan: they hardly plow the roads. My street hasn’t seen a plow yet. They rely on vehicles packing it down for others to travel.

I wrote this post using the writing prompt: Show us what winter looks like in your neck of the woods! From Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop.

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