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Dairy, Oatmeal and Breastfeeding

Recently I posted about how much easier breastfeeding is going this time around. It is still going great. In fact my two months old is now 12lbs 7ozs, he was 7lbs 10 oz when he was born. Needless to say, I am quite sure he is getting enough milk. Now if only this momma could eat what she wants.

No dairy. No oatmeal. I was so hoping that there wouldn’t be any allergies this time around.

At first I thought maybe too much caffeine but cutting back did nothing. Then as I was sitting down with a big glass of milk, Hubby asks if maybe it is milk other him. Ugh. Last glass of milk for me.

We saw a bit of a difference in him, no cranking, happy calm baby.

But then instead of dairy I was enjoying oats. Apple Crisp in a Mug to be exact. Boy did he start pooping and cranking again.
No oats, no poop every diaper change.

Normally I’m not an oat lover but boy oh boy, you have got try that apple crisp in a mug, or any type of fruit for that matter.

So, I’ll be honest. I’m not loving this breastfeeding this this time around, I hate not being able to grab a glass of milk or a yogurt. In fact, I’m thinking we might make it 6-ish months and then he’ll go on formula. Please don’t judge, I’ll do what it best  for my baby and I.


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