Day 9 of Our Countdown to Christmas: Getting Mail

Getting mail is a big exciting event, until the girls realize there is no mail for them. Then they walk away, forgetting all about mail until the next day. Only this morning there was mail for them. I didn’t tell them about it right away, I tucked it away until after nap time.

There were two envelops with pictures of Santa on them. I knew exactly what they were and couldn’t wait until I read them to the girls, Austin in particular. I knew she would be so excited.

We had wrote and mailed our letters to Santa on December 2 during a good snow fall.

Santa Wrote Back

Checking out their letters back from Santa.

When we sent their letters off I thought I had clearly written their names (and address) on the envelops for getting their their letters. How ever, as they spelled our last name wrong for both of them I’m guessing that I need to work on my penmanship. Oh well, the main thing is they received their letters.

They were very excited to tell Dadda all about their letters when he got him and they are now hanging up on our door.

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