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Green Line Cloth Diaper Review

While pregnant with Gauge I came across a post on Facebook looking for Bloggers to review a diaper. I wanted to do it, but Brookland was past the diaper stage, and Gauge wasn’t here yet. They sent me one anyway for when he arrived. I was super excited because I have been wanting to try a Green Line Cloth Diaper for so long. Brookland had such tiny legs that poop would run right on out of other diapers. I figured these would be different – I was right.

The cover is made up of 2 different materials; an outer layer of 100% cotton and an inner layer of breathable waterproof. The cover keeps everything in place – with style.

Green Line Cloth Diaper

Fast forward to a month after Gauge was born. Skinny legs. Long body. I just love how these diaper cover work and fit. It is the original drawstring and cord lock leg closure diapering system. Designed uniquely in 2008. Drawstring leg holes. The poop stays in the diaper! This is such a huge thing with my little guy as his poops around the clock, no joke.

Green Line Cloth Diaper

With the drawstring, you can have the leg holes whatever size you want/need. My little has been wearing this diaper sine he was about 8 1/2-9 lbs, he’s long. I foresee this diaper being a perfect fit for as long as he’s in diapers. Green Line Cloth Diaper

The soaker is an absorbant piece of bamboo cotton. It’s sewn as a single layer which folds into six while in use but remains loose for better washing and quick drying. It is also very soft next to baby’s skin.

You can learn more about Green Line Diapers and their other products at their website and on Facebook.

Disclosure: I was sent a diaper cover and insert to review. I was not compensated. All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

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