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Breastfeeding is Easy… This Time Around

Please finish reading the whole title before jumping down my throat. This Time Around… Breastfeeding is Easy. Not the first time, not even the second time. This time it is. I lucked out that our little guy, Gauge, knows exactly what to do, even if not when to do it.

When I was pregnant with Austin I didn’t care if I breastfeed her or not. It wasn’t something I was passionate about. I think that affected my ability to breastfeed, that and lack of knowledge about how it worked. I wasn’t 100% I’m going to do this it was more of a I’m gonna try this. Did I breastfeed her?

No, I didn’t. But I still believe that it was what was best for us at that time. (Plus my milk never did come in despite trying to nurse her.) Formula did nothing to hurt her. She is very healthy, and very smart. As a first time mom I chose to do what was best for us.


When I got pregnant with Brookland I was determined to breastfeed her. I read a lot information online, how to get the proper latch how to hold baby, what every I could find. I also met with a public healthy nurse who specialized in breastfeeding before I had her. I was going to do it this time.

While breastfeeding didn’t go smoothly, we did it for eight months. She self weaned at that point when we introduced formula and more solids in an effort to bring her weight up.  I was okay with that, six months had been my goal and we past that mark. Again, it was what was best for us.


When I got pregnant with Gauge there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to breastfeed, nothing was going to stop me. His first time up to bat so to speak, he latched on perfectly and we were off. We were definitely doing something right because before leaving the hospital he hadn’t lost an ounce, three days after going home he had only lost 2 ounces, which is unusual.


My breastfeeding challenges have changed baby to baby. I’m glad that I didn’t give up all together after Austin. Nor after having blustered, bruised and bloody nipples with Brookland.

I’m sure challenges will happen with Gauge, but at 2 weeks we’re doing good. I’m pumping twice a day to have a stock pile in the freezer just in case he weans early. Plus this Momma has milk to spare right now, and is taking advantage of it.

How was breastfeeding for you if you chose to go that route?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.