Reasons I Love Living in Saskatchewan

I am taking part in this week’s Writing Workshop from Mama Kat. I choice the writing prompt: list 8 best reasons you love living in your state. First, I live in a province, Saskatchewan. Second, I’m not totally sure I can come up with 8 reason why I live here, but I’m going to try.

  1. I love the flat. Just about every where you look it is flat, not hills or valleys.
  2. It is so open, no natural trees. If you see trees they are “man made” there because someone planted them there for a reason. Example: you see trees around houses that are in the middle of a field to block wind.
  3. The summers are hot and sunny. My kids get beautiful pool weather everyday in the summer.
  4. Stores are open just about everyday – Boxing Day shopping actually happens on Boxing Day here instead of Dec 27th like in Nova Scotia. (Makes getting batteries for new toys so much easier!)
  5. Tim Hortons is almost never busy. Hello Saskatchewinians have you not discovered the joy that comes from this place?!?!
  6. I, hubby too, love making fun of the word Saskatchewinian, not the people, the word.
  7. I have reason for decorating my house earlier for the holidays here. Since it starts snowing in October(ish) I can start putting out winter decor (snowmen, snowflakes) earlier than I could in Nova Scotia.
  8. It is easy to make some money. There is work available everywhere, and most places are paying quite well. Next month I hope to start watching kids in our home again. I can’t believe what some people charge for childcare here!

What do ya know I came up with eight. The last one, while true, is just to fill that empty spot I’ll be honest. It is very hard to find eight things I love after looking at the weather report for this evening: SNOW. But the girls will be happy happy happy.

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